*~*~*September Special*~*~*

Southern Madness

                                                  Pizza cheese, pizza sauce, bacon,

                        pulled pork, smoked chicken, ham, onion, and hot red pepper relish 

*~*~*August Special*~*~*

Where There's Smoke There's Fire

Pizza sauce, pizza cheese, hardwood-smoked chicken,

                       onions, mushrooms, and hot red pepper relish 

*~*~*July Special*~*~*

BBQ base, pizza cheese pulled pork BBQ,
onions and bacon


 *~*~*February Special*~*~*

The Chicken Parmesan Pizza

Marinara Sauce base, pizza cheese, chicken tenders, tomatoes,

herbs, Italian Parsley, and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese 

 *~*~*December Special*~*~*

The Harvest Pizza

Garlic butter base, pizza cheese, chicken, sweet italian sausage,

roasted local winter squash, and cranberries

Joe's Best Chicken Pizza!!!

BBQ Sauce Base, Pizza Cheese, Buffalo Chicken with
a Drizzle of Ranch Dressing on top

Goody's Pesto Chicken Pizza!!!

Pizza sauce, Pizza cheese, onions and tomatoes,
a sprinkle of Italian herbs, and chicken tossed in pesto
with Parmesan cheese


Goody's Carne Asada Pizza!!!
  Avocado pesto base, Pizza cheese, grilled steak, onions, green peppers, freshly made Mexican style Picante sauce, and Pepper Jack cheese.

Created by "Papa Goody"


Goody's Chicken Club Pizza!!!
Garlic butter sauce, pizza cheese, spinach, tomato, bacon, and
chicken tossed with fresh garlic and Parmesan cheese

*~*~*~JULY SPECIAL~*~*~*

Goody's Steak au Poivre Pizza!!!

Pizza Sauce, pizza cheese, grilled steak with black pepper,
bacon, onion, and mushrooms

Created by "Papa Goody"

 *~*~*~*JUNE SPECIAL*~*~*~*

Goody's Pizza Margherita!!

Olive Oil, Pesto and Garlic Base, Pizza Cheese, freshly diced tomatoes, salt & pepper, Italian herbs & oregano, a shake of parmesan Cheese, and fresh basil

*~*~*~*MAY SPECIAL*~*~*~*

Goody's Chicken/Blue Cheese/Bacon Pizza!!!

Blue Cheese dressing base, Pizza cheese, chicken, bacon, onion, and crumbled Blue Cheese on top!

 ~*~*~*APRIL SPECIAL*~*~*~

Goody's Pesto/Garlic chicken Pizza!!!

Pesto base, pizza cheese, diced red peppers,
chicken tossed in butter/olive oil/garlic sauce with herbs and Parmesan cheese
~*~*~*MARCH SPECIAL*~*~*

Goody's Artichoke/Mushroom/Spinach Pizza!!!

Pesto base, Pizza cheese, artichoke hearts, fresh mushrooms,
spinach, and onions



Pizza sauce, Pizza cheese, green peppers, roasted red peppers, banana peppers, hot red pepper relish, Italian herbs, and fresh mushrooms.

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